Girl Behind Glass – Book Trailer

I wanted to do a book trailer, but I had no idea how. I’ve never created a video before apart from little unedited clips uploaded from my phone, so I set about trying to figure out a way that I could accomplish what I wanted. At first I had visions of actors and scenes and voice-overs, but I realised that unless I enlisted the help of many other people and invested a fair bit of time and money into it, this was a pointless endeavor.

So I went back to basics and figured out what I could do with the limited skills I had.

I know how to draw things on the computer, (I was a graphic designer in a previous life,) so I’ve come up with this little clip. I hope you like it!

4 thoughts on “Girl Behind Glass – Book Trailer

    1. Cheers for the feedback! I had split reactions to the one word at a time thing, some people loved it, others didn’t. I did consider changing it but in the end went with it as it’s something that appealed to me. Maybe I should consider doing another version with the words forming full sentences . . .
      Thanks so much for viewing and commenting though! I’m all for constructive criticism, it’s how we grow.


      1. I agree completely about the constructive criticism, though some don’t which is why I almost didn’t say anything. Yeah, if you did a second one with each sentence at a time, you could put both up here and do a little polling. Maybe I’m in the minority. The graphics are all really nice though, and the sentences themselves are a nice hook.


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