Five things I’ve learned since publishing my book

So it’s been exactly three months since I released Girl Behind Glass as an e-book, and there are a few things I have discovered . . .


1.) I’m not the greatest blogger.

There is only limited time I get to spend on writing, and when it boils down to the choice of working on a story, or writing a blog post, the story wins every time. I happen to like writing, I just like writing stories most of all.

Currently I am working on something, but it’s not the sequel to GBG, because even though I have the plot sorted out, I like to ruminate on it a bit and let my mind wander. What I am working on will probably never see the light of day. It is simply a story for me to sit back and enjoy writing.

The other project I’m about to embark on is a short story for my writers group. Every now and again we like to combine our efforts into a group story. With this one, I need to research Prince Edward Island, and anything to do with Anne of Green Gables in particular. Even with a short story the veins of doubt start creeping in. I’ve never been to Prince Edward Island, and yet I have to write about it in a believable manner. I think part of the reason I chose GBG as my first novel, is because the world exists in my mind, and no one can tell me I got it wrong. One of the many attractions to fantasy, I guess.


2.) There were mistakes in GBG.

Upon receiving the hardcopy, I was mortified to see the amount of typos, and in a few cases, misspelled words. This happened despite me reading it numerous times, and despite others looking over it too. So often we read what we expect to be there. I was guilty of the same thing when playing the piano. I would play a piece and my teacher would look at me and ask, ‘Where is that in the sheet music?’ Sure enough, when I looked, it wasn’t there at all, just somewhere in my mind I thought it should be. So I’ve learned from my mistakes and am currently going over the Boy in Uniform text to ensure I do better before releasing it as an e-book.


3.) The start of my book isn’t all that compelling.

These days we want to be grabbed immediately by our entertainment. Whether it be movies, television series, or books, we require it to grip us from the opening scene and leave us wanting more. I’ve been guilty of this myself. Putting down a book only a couple of chapters in, or discarding a television series because the first episode didn’t leave me with that feeling of enthrallment. For people committed to reading my book, this doesn’t seem to be a problem. But when trying to convince people to read my book this can become quite the problem indeed. When trying get some reviews from online book bloggers I found it hard to even get them to respond to a query email, and when one finally did, they said the book didn’t click with them, so they decided not to review it. Of course I was rather disappointed, and wished they have given it a little more of a chance, but at the same time it was not unexpected as some of the reviews on Amazon mentioned that very thing. They also mentioned that once they were into the book they found it hard to put down, but unfortunately unless you give it five chapters or so, it doesn’t happen. Some of the greatest books and shows I’ve fell in love with are those that I gave a second chance.


4.) I’m useless at promotion.

People ask me about my book and my first reaction is to wave it aside and change the subject. If they persist, I explain the plot as quickly as I can, (most plots sound stupid when said out loud,) but in a dismissive way. I think it comes back to the idea that as with anything in life, I would prefer to exceed low expectations rather than disappoint high ones. This doesn’t seem to serve me well in regards to book promotion though.

How I think people will perceive me when I try to promote my book . . .


5.) Hard copies are wonderful.

When the proof arrived I was so excited. Finally being able to hold something I had literally spent hours creating, gave me such a sense of satisfaction. I adore books, even just to look at. So today I’m going to send out a few copies to people that have ordered them and hopefully they will get some small enjoyment from reading them.

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