Teaser Tuesday – Forever Blue

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Happy Tuesday!

Tuesdays are usually pretty happy for me as they are one of the two days a week I get to spend writing. So I thought for this particular Tuesday, I would share a rather small teaser from my upcoming book Forever Blue.

It was raining. Ever since that night, it always rained. I didn’t know if it was only in my mind, but it felt real.
After another evening when sleep evaded me, I hopped in the Fairlane and drove. There was something cathartic about driving that car, a unique form of punishment that I knew I deserved. I found myself perched on the barrier, looking over the water on the corner of Stone’s Throw Road which followed the lake and ran close to the edge of the cliff. It was the only place I could think to go when repeatedly drawing the images in my head no longer worked. I didn’t look behind me at the grass or the ditch that I knew dipped on the other side of the road. I think she wanted me there. I never used to like being alone, but ever since that night, being around other people was too much effort. I felt like I had to hide and I was tired of hiding. Watching the drops fall onto the water was comforting. They were unaware of my thoughts, unaware of the turmoil of my life. They did what they were supposed to. They fell.


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