Girl Behind Glass

“It kept me spell-bound, and I devoured it in one sitting!” – Amazon review

“Abby is a master of description, each scene playing out before me, easily pictured in my mind.” – Amazon Review

Due to mass production, greed, and the desire for power, people have abused the earth and it has been left unfertile. The Establishment rose. They developed a nutrition pill, and a substance called sustain as a replacement for food. They built cities cut off from nature, claiming the only way to save the earth is to protect it from the very things that damage it. People.

Willow Stanton lives in one of these cities. Nuovo. It is the flagship of the new world. The first of its kind. But despite her desire to restore the planet, she longs to see the outside. There is a part of her that wants to experience life as it used to be. She believes the only way this is possible is by joining the Guardians. The one group of people allowed to go outside. They are there to protect the earth, guard it from those who have no regard for the preservation of the land.

As Nuovo prepares to celebrate its fifteenth year sealed beneath the dome, Willow is caught in an everyday struggle. Her best friend, and son of the Governor of Nuovo, has developed feelings for her. Feelings which she doesn’t return. While caught up in this dilemma, Willow finds herself dangling from a rope, destined to be abandoned on the wrong side of the glass.

Once outside the city boundaries, she comes face to face with Mudders. People who choose to live on the outside rather than within the city walls. She is faced with a different way of life, a different belief system, and revelations that her life is not what she has been led to believe.

When the two worlds collide, she is forced to choose between the life she has always known and believed to be right, and this new life, filled with people and places she had no idea existed.

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