All things Forever Blue

In the lead up to the release of Forever Blue, I thought it would be fun to post some links on Facebook of all things Forever Blue. And by that, I mean some of the things that turned up on a google search titled Forever Blue. I came across some gorgeous songs, some artwork and some photography which I thought I would share on here as well.

Forever Blue – Song by Chris Isaak

I started off with this song by Chris Isaak. Even though it was released back in 1995, I had never heard it. It’s a song of heartbreak and sadness. And one which I could imagine Ruben listening too, not so much before, but definitely after.
The lyrics below were sourced from

Nobody ever warns you, or tells you what to do.
She walks away, you’re left to stay.
Alone forever blue.

The stars have all stopped shining, the sun just won’t break through.
Each days the same, more clouds more rain.
you’re left forever blue.

Forever blue ’cause you love her, but she dosen’t love you.
You did your best, life did the rest.
you’re left forever blue.

No reason left for living, still there’s a lot to do.
New tears to cry, old songs to sing.
And feel forever blue.
And be forever…. Blue

Forever Blue – Art by Isabelle Vobmann

The artwork below is an acrylic painting by Isabelle Vobmann. It is something I imagine that Lennon’s mother, Shelley would adore.
Click here to check it out.


Forever Blue – Gif search

So I’m not too sure who the original poster of this gif was, but it seemed to fit the theme.
I found the image here.
Thanks val. I’m pretty sure Cara would love it.


Forever Blue – Photography by Ian Middleton

For day four I found this stunning image by photographer Ian Middleton. I’m pretty sure the Deacons’ would have this in their lounge.
Check it out over on Redbubble.


Forever Blue – Song by Kina Grannis

I came across this while searching within Facebook. The song is amazing. So sad and sweet. I had to follow her immediately! Here’s what Kina had to say about the song.

“Forever Blue” is a song I wrote about loss–about fearing it, coping with it, knowing it is inevitable. It is also a song about love, as I don’t think you can really have one without the other. While I wish we could all float through life devoid of all the hurt and sadness that comes with loss, in a way it’s beautiful because it’s proof that we have allowed ourselves to really feel and really love.”

Again, I grabbed the lyrics from

When I was a child
I was heavy hearted
Knowing all that started to an end
I dreamt of a day
No one ever left here
Cried out to the night to find a way

And it broke my heart
When I felt the truth
My father has a father too
Don’t understand how we’ll make it through
Will I be forever blue?

Everyday I’ve known
It grows only deeper
Why can’t I not keep her here for good
So I’ll take the waves
Floating when I’m weaker
Waiting through the water missing you

And it broke my heart
When I felt the truth
My father has a father too
Don’t understand how we’ll make it through
Will I be forever blue?

Play to mother
We’re still fighting
We’re all trying to make it home for you

All my love is yours forever
Take it with you
Take it with you

All my love is yours forever
Take it with you
Say you’ll never go

When I was a child
I was heavy hearted

Well that’s my round up of all things Forever Blue. Well, really it was five things Forever Blue, but all things Forever Blue sounds more appealing.

Abby Wilder lettering

Review of Forever Blue – YA Books Central


I was so excited to get another 5 star review for Forever Blue!

This time it was over on YA Books Central and it is one of their featured books.

When I write a story it is very hard to distance myself from it. Like all authors, I never get to look at it with fresh eyes. All the discards, all the changes in the story stick in your head and it is sometimes difficult to get an true overview. Beta readers’ feedback is invaluable, but getting reviews can often give you a fresh perspective. So I was squirming in my seat when I saw another review was up. And then I just about squealed with excitement when I read it!

It’s not often that someone ‘gets’ a lot of the things you try to achieve in a book, but Kelly St Clare, the reviewer over on YABC ‘got’ so many of the things I had hoped for.

Here’s my favourite selection from the review . . .

This book is devourable. Chapter point of views switch between four characters, flicking between present, future, and the past tense in such a way that we are left in no doubt of the Author’s expertise. We receive information to the buried truth like puzzle pieces, slowly seeing the bigger picture. Abby Wilder’s bravery in writing such a story speaks tellingly of her confidence in the craft and is to be commended.
The story can be read as a stand-alone, though the reader can see where a sequel would arise from. There are several hooks which build in ‘eyes glued to page’ fashion, until only a horrified wonderment is left in their wake. Once the cover is closed, the reader can expect to reflect back on the story in heartache, shock, and haunted yearning.

Final Verdict:
A beautiful, haunting, and confronting tale of truth and sacrifice.


Don’t you just love that word?!

To read the full review head over to YA Books Central.

Tomorrow is release day (not sure exactly what time due to the time difference,) and I’m rather excited.

If you’d like to order a copy of Forever Blue and see for yourself if the word devourable is earned, click here.


Abby Wilder lettering

Review of Forever Blue – Readers’ Favorite

readers favorite review image

I recently submitted Forever Blue to the website Readers’ Favorite and was thrilled to receive a 5 star rating. Here’s what they had to say . . .

In Forever Blue, author Abby Wilder masterfully weaves a delightful tale of mystery that deals with vulnerabilities and eventualities. And this makes her main characters – Lennon, Cara, Ruben and Judah – vivid, colorful and sympathetic so that we tend to hold our breaths as they are driven to their inevitable fates. Forever Blue is a delicately surprising piece of literary work. It is a gorgeous mixture of mystery and romance that is both melancholic and elusive. In the end, it feels like we are presented with a picture of something that may or may not exist. And this makes the novel an unforgettable experience. Abby Wilder is definitely an author to watch out for!

Click here to read the full review.

Today was the day I finally pushed that little ‘publish’ button to upload the final version to Kindle. Not long now until the 17th!

If you’d like to pre-order Forever Blue, please go here.

Abby Wilder lettering