Girl Beneath Stars Release Date

GBS Release Date

Well I’m done with editing and finally have a release date for Girl Beneath Stars – July 23rd 2015.

If you pop across to the Kindle store, it is available for pre-order now.

If you would like to read the first chapter, click here.

And here’s the blurb . . .

Having escaped Nuovo, Willow Stanton struggles with life on the outside. Away from the shelter and safety of the Protected Area, she and her companions must hide from the Guardians who hunt them.

When Bracken comes back into her life, Willow is left unsure whether she can trust him. But when finding her father becomes a problem only Bracken can solve, she has no choice but to rely on the boy who betrayed her.

Once they find a hiding place at the Rebel base camp, Willow and her friends must risk everything to rescue her father, and join the Rebel cause. But the more Willow learns, the less certain she becomes of whose side she wants to be on.

I feel duped. I was taught there was a right and a wrong in this world. Good and evil. I grew up thinking Mudders were ignorant and Rebels were wrong. Then, I came to believe that it was the Establishment that was evil. I thought the Rebels were the good ones. Now, I realise neither are good and neither are bad. They’re a mixture of both, each begging me to take a side.

I’ve had so much fun writing the sequel and I hope you enjoy it. To all the people who have contacted me to say they enjoyed the Girl Behind Glass, I just want to say thank you. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Girl Beneath Stars.


One year on . . .

My eyes are falling out of their sockets. My head is addled with words and sentences, and swimming with punctuation that sometimes look like fuzzy caterpillars crawling across my screen, but I must not stop. I will not stop.


I’ve come out of my self-inflicted hibernation long enough to look at the date and realise that it is one year since I pressed the publish button on Girl Behind Glass. I’ve learnt a lot this past year, mainly about editing, hence my determination to do a better job than the first version of GBG.

I wrote a post not long after publishing, called: ‘Where is Out There?’
In it, I wanted to get my book out there wherever there was. So, one year on, and is it out there?

Well, yes and no.

Approximately 4500 copies of Girl Behind Glass have been downloaded. And with the limited promotion that I have done, I’m rather happy with that. Chuffed, even. My desire to get my book ‘out there’ quickly drained when I realised the effort and time a lot of self-published authors put in to accomplish it. When I looked at the time I had available, (I’m a mother and I work and I write,) I decided to concentrate on writing, rather than marketing and promotion. There is very little point in investing in promotion when I had very little to promote. One book.

So one year later and I’m almost ready to hit the publish button again. In fact, I could almost give you a date. Well, a month at least. July. That means I’ve got limited days to complete the final edits, write the blurb, release the first chapter, and format the book for various publishing sites. So really, I shouldn’t be writing this blog post, but instead I should be glued to the screen arranging letters in a completely different manner.

Cover for Girl Beneath Stars (and some quotes from the book)

Even though I haven’t got a release date yet, I can reveal the cover of Girl Beneath Stars.
Girl Beneath Stars

Once again, I worked with the talented Juliane Schneeweiss to develop the concept. Juliane designed the covers for Girl Behind Glass, and the recent update of Boy In Uniform.

Themes and styles are important to me. I like the covers of book series to look like they belong together. I feel like the GBG and GBS do this.

I knew that I wanted a pastel blue background, stars, glass, and a girl looking up. In GBS, Willow is a little more sure of herself. She looks up, faces the world, rather than down.

I’m different than I was before. I’ve done things I didn’t think I was capable of. Things I’m proud of, and things I’m not. Either way, my steps are more certain on the ground, my place in the world more defined.

The glass is still there, even though the majority of the book takes place outside the dome. The ideals of the Establishment still play on Willow’s mind, and, although she is no longer trapped behind the glass, her upbringing still plays a part in her thoughts and actions.

I see a girl not uncertain of her place in the world, but searching. A girl no longer willing to simply swallow what she is told, but prepared to face things head on, and look at them for what they are, instead of what they are portrayed to be. I see a girl willing to open her mind. I see a girl willing to trust new people, but scared of being hurt by trusting the ones who have already let her down.

And the stars. They represent freedom. A different outlook on life. But at times, to Willow they mean something else. Her mother, Dune, has come back into her life, and the lies that she told in the past haunt their relationship.

The first stars of the night break through just above them and attempt to twinkle in the muted blue sky. But they will not be able to shine until the sun completely disappears. Much like I feel around my mother. She is the sun, my father the moon, and I am merely a star unable to shine in her presence.

I hope that I will be able to give you a release date soon! And check back for the first chapter . . .