The Title of my Next Novel

I’ve been working on my current project for a few months now. I started to write it back in 2011, but after publishing the Behind Glass series, I decided to completely re-write the story. I started in October 2015 and by December, I had finished the first draft. Over the holidays I had very little spare time and so it wasn’t until February this year that I started the editing process. I’m pleased to say that it is coming along nicely and I’m still hoping for a May release date.

I always had a name in mind for the story, and, as I’ve mentioned before, I even wrote the last word of Girl Beneath Stars as the title.

And we fall into the water, breathless.

In my mind, the book had always been called BREATHLESS, but after making changes to the story which altered the main plot, and looking at how many books already had that name, I began to doubt my choice. There appears to be well over 50 books by that title in the kindle store alone. Hardly a good choice.

So my next choice was JUST BREATHE, or simply BREATHE, inspired by Anna Nalick’s song which was playing on the radio when the idea for the novel first popped into my head. Once again, I went to the kindle store to see how many books already had that title. Again, there were lots.

I had to start thinking down a different track and there seemed to be one obvious choice derived from a theme running throughout the book. FOREVER BLUE. Although there are still novels out there by that title, there are not as many as my previous choices.

So there you have it. The title of my next book is Forever Blue.

Forever Blue title

The cover is already designed (the picture above shows a small snippet) and I am working on the trailer now. There is still some editing to do on the novel but I’m hoping to release it to my beta readers in the next few weeks.

While I was working on the cover, I decided to do an animated version. I can’t show it to you just yet, but here is the one I did for the Girl Beneath Stars cover with twinkling and shooting stars.


Abby Wilder lettering

Why do we procrastinate?

I love writing, I really do. It’s what I want to spend my life doing. I love to sit down at the keyboard with ideas running through my brain and my fingers struggling to keep up. At the moment I’m in the editing phase which isn’t as fun as the actual writing, but I still enjoy it. I have not looked at the draft of my book for six weeks and it gives me somewhat of a fresh approach. This week was the first time I got back into it after the school holidays. And by ‘it’ I mean the Abby Wilder part of my life. My boy and my girl started back at school and I had my usual day off work, so I sat down at my computer ready to get back into it.

The best way

I was excited. I had looked forward to this day for weeks. So why was it that when I sat down at my computer, I did everything else apart from work on my novel?

I opened Facebook and somehow stumbled across an article on Zero Carb lifestyles. I ended up on a blog with interviews of people eating this way and I was fascinated. A few articles in and I realised I was getting distracted, so I pulled myself away and determined to start reading/editing. Then I thought I might check on the sales of my books. I hadn’t done that in a while and since it was my first day back on the job so to speak, I thought it would be a good idea. I was pleasantly surprised by the sales and downloads ticking by, considering my lack of marketing. But since I had checked the sales, I thought I should really pop over to Goodreads and Amazon and check out the reviews. While reading reviews my thoughts usually vary from, ‘Yes, they get me! They totally understood what I was trying to portray. They loved my characters! Life is so wonderful right now I could explode with happiness,’ to, ‘Oh my goodness, why are people so cruel. I think I will curl up into a ball and gently rock myself to sleep.’

So it was about time I started editing. I was looking forward to it. I wanted to edit, but I found myself blindly clicking links on Twitter, looking at pretty pictures of characters on Tumblr, back on Facebook sighing over articles and chuckling over status updates, and checking out cute kitten pictures on Instagram. I have three cats. I like them. Most days.

My daughter’s cute kitten Sox.

I even considered writing this blog post, but I admitted to myself that writing a blog post about avoiding editing was in itself another form of procrastination, so two hours after I should have started, I finally did.

And I enjoyed it. I got lots done. And I was annoyed I had wasted so much time at the beginning of my day because I could have accomplished so much more.

Yes, sorry it’s blurry but I can’t very well go publishing pages of my next novel now, can I?

So why do we do it to ourselves?

Why do we procrastinate even from the things we want to be doing?

If you think I am going to give some profound answer into the thought process of the human psyche, sorry. I am asking the question, not answering it.

I was told that writing is like a muscle. You must exercise it in order for it to grow. And for your muscles to grow, you’ve got to move. You can’t sit on the couch and think about moving. You can’t read articles on the benefits of moving or the ways in which you should move. You’ve actually got to get off your backside and do it. I needed to pick up the draft of my book and start. Which I did . . . eventually.

So I have forgiven myself for my little veer off course into procrastination and next week I will get straight into it. I promise. I hope. Well, let’s just say the intention is there. The best of intentions.

Okay, so maybe we’ll just wait and see what happens.

Abby Wilder lettering




Come on, my darlings, let’s be gruntled.

Words are wonderful things. Some, I love for the way they look. Others, for the way they sound. But this one struck me as unusual, and slightly wrong. GRUNTLED.

If disgruntled means angry or dissatisfied, it makes sense that gruntled means the opposite. So why don’t we used it in everyday language?

When I first saw the meme floating around on Facebook, I was surprised to find such a word existed, and even doubted it was even real. It just didn’t sound right. Even as I type, little red squiggles appear and it suggests I change it to grunted. But I do not mean grunted, (although the word originally derives from grunt before it morphed into the modern meaning,) I mean gruntled.


WOD Gruntled


According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, the first use of the word was back in 1926, but it doesn’t give a source.

And according the the Oxford English Dictionary, the first known use of “gruntled” as an adjective to mean “in good humor” or “pleased” is attributed to P.G. Wodehouse, who included this sentence in his 1938 novel The Code of the Woosters:

He spoke with a certain what-is-it in his voice, and I could see that, if not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled.

Another example of the word was in the 1962 Delinquents 76 by C. Rohan:

Come on, Brownie darling, be gruntled.

So come on, my darlings, let’s be gruntled.


Abby Wilder lettering