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Even though the cover was part of the formatting process, I feel it needs its own blog. Book covers sell books. They are not the only thing that sell books, they are not even the most important thing that sell books, but a good cover is worth investing in.

I have a few graphic design skills and attempted a few cover layouts myself (see here for previous blog post) but I knew I did not have the skills I needed to get the cover I wanted.

I decided to use an online sourcing site called 99 Designs. Mainly because I could determine the price, I would be given the choice of a number of designs, and I did not know them. I found this an important part, as sometimes I find it difficult to tell someone I know that I’m not happy with what they’ve done. As I discovered, I also felt uncomfortable telling strangers that too.

I uploaded a brief that went something like this:
Possible Themes:
Inside vs Outside.
Freedom vs Security
Reflection/Glass – things not as they appear.
City vs Nature

Possible Images:
Shattered Glass
Domed City – Black panels, white framework from outside. Inside: Stark. Futuristic. Colours: White, Grey, Black with splashes of red.
Nature – Lush Forest and/or desolate earth.
Main Character: Female. 16. Auburn hair. Barcode tattoo on wrist. Also wears futuristic communication device on wrist.

I tend to gravitate towards covers that have a single point of focus rather than detailed backgrounds, but I am willing to consider anything.

The response was slow at first, and I began to doubt the choice I had made. Admittedly, I hadn’t given the designers a lot to work with, but after browsing some of the covers already done, I was confident enough to hang in there. And the results were amazing. I wish I could show you what some of the designs that I didn’t end up choosing looked like, but most of the designers withdrew their concepts once the contest ended. The few that are left you can see here.
Choosing one design was difficult. I wanted to choose at least five. But a book with five different covers is probably not the best idea.

Having a few computer graphic skills and also the software needed, I made sure that the designer supplied all layers of the design so I could alter it for various promotional material. It is important to let the designer know at the start of the process that you require the layered files of your book cover.

Writing the blurb was harder than writing the entire novel. I read countless articles and advice, but none of it seemed to help. If I’m honest, I’m still not happy with my book blurbs, but they are what they are. My advice to anyone out there would be to get another author you trust to read your book and write the blurb for you. Condensing your story into a few short lines without giving away too much information, and at the same time saying enough to spike the reader’s interest, is a skill I’m not sure I have.

The next post will be published on 15th October and is the final in this series.

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Cover for Girl Beneath Stars (and some quotes from the book)

Even though I haven’t got a release date yet, I can reveal the cover of Girl Beneath Stars.
Girl Beneath Stars

Once again, I worked with the talented Juliane Schneeweiss to develop the concept. Juliane designed the covers for Girl Behind Glass, and the recent update of Boy In Uniform.

Themes and styles are important to me. I like the covers of book series to look like they belong together. I feel like the GBG and GBS do this.

I knew that I wanted a pastel blue background, stars, glass, and a girl looking up. In GBS, Willow is a little more sure of herself. She looks up, faces the world, rather than down.

I’m different than I was before. I’ve done things I didn’t think I was capable of. Things I’m proud of, and things I’m not. Either way, my steps are more certain on the ground, my place in the world more defined.

The glass is still there, even though the majority of the book takes place outside the dome. The ideals of the Establishment still play on Willow’s mind, and, although she is no longer trapped behind the glass, her upbringing still plays a part in her thoughts and actions.

I see a girl not uncertain of her place in the world, but searching. A girl no longer willing to simply swallow what she is told, but prepared to face things head on, and look at them for what they are, instead of what they are portrayed to be. I see a girl willing to open her mind. I see a girl willing to trust new people, but scared of being hurt by trusting the ones who have already let her down.

And the stars. They represent freedom. A different outlook on life. But at times, to Willow they mean something else. Her mother, Dune, has come back into her life, and the lies that she told in the past haunt their relationship.

The first stars of the night break through just above them and attempt to twinkle in the muted blue sky. But they will not be able to shine until the sun completely disappears. Much like I feel around my mother. She is the sun, my father the moon, and I am merely a star unable to shine in her presence.

I hope that I will be able to give you a release date soon! And check back for the first chapter . . .


A new cover for Boy in Uniform

While my designer and I were coming up with the concept for the Girl Beneath Stars cover, I decided that Boy In Uniform needed a revamp. As it is only available as an e-book, and just a small companion story, I was yet to get the cover professional designed. The cover which it did have was focused on the symbol on Bracken’s pistol.


But because both Girl Behind Glass and Girl Beneath Stars features Willow, I though it only fair for Bracken to have his own face on the cover. It features Bracken’s red eyes, and depicts him as if he is reflected in a mirror that has cracked. I felt this kept in line with the ‘glass’ theme of the GBG, as well as giving insight to the way Bracken felt.

Boy In Uniform

The new cover has been uploaded to the various distribution sites but it will take a few days to appear.

To read Boy in Uniform online, click here.