Review of Forever Blue – Readers’ Favorite

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I recently submitted Forever Blue to the website Readers’ Favorite and was thrilled to receive a 5 star rating. Here’s what they had to say . . .

In Forever Blue, author Abby Wilder masterfully weaves a delightful tale of mystery that deals with vulnerabilities and eventualities. And this makes her main characters – Lennon, Cara, Ruben and Judah – vivid, colorful and sympathetic so that we tend to hold our breaths as they are driven to their inevitable fates. Forever Blue is a delicately surprising piece of literary work. It is a gorgeous mixture of mystery and romance that is both melancholic and elusive. In the end, it feels like we are presented with a picture of something that may or may not exist. And this makes the novel an unforgettable experience. Abby Wilder is definitely an author to watch out for!

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Today was the day I finally pushed that little ‘publish’ button to upload the final version to Kindle. Not long now until the 17th!

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Wuthering Heights – A book review from my fourteen year old self

Wuthering Heights

In my childhood and teenage years I was an avid reader. I would put my thirty five year old self to shame. On the 10th of May 1994, I wrote a review of the book Wuthering Heights. I remember very little of it now, but the book make enough of an impression on me back then to write a review, and it must have amused my mother enough to fold it and place it inside the cover of the book which now sits gathering dust in my hallway book shelf.

I pull no punches, calling Hindley Earnshaw ‘selfish, cruel, and rude’, and Linton Heathcliff a ‘whimp’, saying, ‘although some people may feel sorry for him, I did not in the slightest’. I also could not understand why the author made everyone ‘so miserable all the time, or just about dying all the time, or actually dying’.

Reading over it has made me want to read the book again so it is being added to the ever growing ‘to read list’.

I have included photos of my original review, complete with mistakes, below. Have a read and see if you agree with any of the statements made by my fourteen year old self.