Forever Blue Excerpt Available Now

Promo for preorder and sample

Well, I put it on Facebook and Twitter but completely forgot to write a blog post about the excerpt of Forever Blue being up on my website!

So, if you want to read the first few chapters and get a taste of Forever Blue please click here – Forever Blue First Few Chapters. I have also uploaded the excerpt to Goodreads, so if you prefer to read it online there, please follow this link to Goodreads and select ‘Read Book’ under the book cover image. And don’t forget to add it to your ‘to-read’ pile.

If you would like to pre-order Forever Blue, follow this link to the Kindle Store.

Today I have spent most of my time formatting the novel for the paperback. I’m a little bit excited about it, and can’t wait for the proof arrives.

Forever Blue is intended for a slightly higher age group than the Behind Glass Series. There is mild use of strong language and references to underage drinking and smoking.

Abby Wilder lettering