Help me decide the blurb for Forever Blue

brothers quote

I’ve always struggled with writing blurbs. As I’ve said before, I’d rather write an entire book than the short blurb which ends up on the back.

So I need your help. I’m going to list four blurbs below. They all give slightly different information, or are told in a different way. Please help me by casting a vote for the blurb which would most compel you to read the book.

Whether or not any of these end up making the back cover of my book is yet to been seen, (I’m still playing around, wording choice etc could easily change,) but will give me a indication of which direction to head.

Thank you to anyone who votes on the poll. I really appreciate it!


Blurb 1


Brothers, Ruben and Judah Mitchell, used to be close, but that was before they met Cara Armistead. Once she moved in next door, the brothers grew further and further apart until the tension between them led to an event which left one dead and the other branded by the aftermath.

One year later, after the death of her baby brother destroyed her family, Lennon Donnelly has moved back to her home town of Puruwai. While visiting the cemetery, she finds a boy sitting on a gravestone, a boy with secrets in his past, but someone who finally sees her. Accused by the town as a killer, he reaches out to Lennon, but as their relationship deepens, the events of the year before present themselves in a way no one could have imagined.


Blurb 2


I broke the surface and gulped in air, running my hands over my face to push the water away.
A raindrop splattered on my cheek. He did not rise.
Seven more raindrops in quick succession splattered against my skin.
And still, he did not rise.
The heavens opened and rain fell like a sheet, blanketing me,
cutting me off from the rest of the world.
I thought it was the end of everything.
But I was wrong.


Blurb 3


Lennon Donnelly feels invisible.
But when she meets a boy at the grave site of his dead brother, she feels as though someone finally sees her. As she unlocks the secrets of his past,
the truth comes to light in a way that will change her life forever.


Ruben Mitchell is popular and talented and loved.
He and his brother used to be close, but when he starts a relationship with the girl his brother loves, it ignites a series of events which will leave one dead
and the other branded with the aftermath.

Judah Mitchell is nothing like his brother.
He prefers to spend his time gaming or tinkering on his beloved car.
When the girl he loves returns home, he is afraid he will be hidden by the shadow of his brother.
And while returning home from a party, Judah makes a decision
which the effects of will ripple through the small town of Puruwai.


Cara Armistead never wanted to come home.
But when her mother falls sick, she must return to help with her care.
She never meant to cause tension between the brothers,
but after an incident leads to the destruction of her family,
she’s not sure if she will ever be able to forgive the person responsible.


Blurb 4



Someone saw me. He saw me.
I never thought it would end like this.
But I was wrong.


Everyone assumed that we had a secret connection,
that I had the ability to look into the mind of my brother and know
what he was thinking because we looked alike.
But his mind was just as much a mystery to me as it was to everyone else.


My brother was perfect.
You would think that would mean I was too,
considering we were twins,
but nothing could be further from the truth.
Ruben was popular. Ruben was talented. Ruben was loved.
And I was branded his killer.