70,000 words and counting . . .

With finally getting back into my writing, the first draft of Girl Beneath Stars is up to 70,000 words. I still have a way to go, but I can tell you it was a great feeling to see those numbers tick over.

Writing can be a fickle thing. Some days the words simply pour out of me. Others are spent pondering and drinking copious amount of coffee, hoping that it will encourage the creative process. It doesn’t.

Last weekend we celebrated Waitangi Day here in New Zealand. Because of this there was a long weekend, so we bundled up the family and headed to Central Otago. St Bathans was formerly a gold and coal mining town and because of that the lake is a brilliant blue, hence it’s creative name of the Blue Lake. The local hotel is even thought to be haunted by the ghost of a prostitute known as “the Rose”, who was strangled to death in the hotel in the 1880s.

Below are a few photos from this simply stunning area.

I hope this post finds you well.

Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day.

Abby Wilder lettering