Girl Behind Glass – Sequel?

A few people have asked if there will be a sequel to Girl Behind Glass . . . . and the answer is yes!

On the 21st of October I wrote the first line of the book. I can’t tell you what it is, because no doubt it will change before now and the release date, but there are a few things I can tell you . . .

Some hand holding from an unlikely character happens.

The story picks up a couple of weeks from the ending of Girl Behind Glass. If you’ve read Boy in Uniform you will know that there are some measures being put in place by the Establishment to find our run away rebels, this is where the story starts. (If you haven’t read Boy in Uniform you can do so here. Or download from Smashwords or Kindle.)

We see Joss again . . . but not for long.

Sadly, some of the characters do not wish to continue on this journey with Willow. (According to some of them she simply ruined their lives so who can blame them?!) Which characters go and which stay? You’ll have to wait for that.

There is mention of Devon doing Luke’s dishes. Gold star if you can tell me why.

And finally, the title of the book is . . . Title Hope this tells you something, without revealing anything!

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