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I gathered inspiration anywhere I could. Other Books. TV Shows. Movies. Conversations. Friends. Family. Places. Photos. Articles. My own experiences and memories. But mainly it is the feelings evoked by these things which inspired certain aspects of my writing.

Here are some examples:

A scene I watched between Matt Saracen and his father on Friday Night Lights inspired the relationship between Luke and his father.

Spending time on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand inspired the Protected Area.

My friend’s barn and the farm I grew up on inspired the place setting of Dune and Jake’s home.

An article on overpopulation and overconsumption inspired aspects of the Establishment and the world around it.

A girl I know inspired Willow’s beautiful red hair.

Wolverine inspired Jake’s frown.

A photo of dry and cracked earth inspired the outside.

My father teaching me to skin a rabbit inspired the rabbit hunting scene.

I’ve started to use Pinterest to gather my inspiration. There isn’t too much on there yet, but I hope to use it more in the books to come.

The next post will be published on 10th September.

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