Girl Beneath Stars Out Now!

Today’s the day that my second full length novel goes on sale! (I’m not exactly sure when as NZ time is ahead of the USA)

Girl Beneath Stars is the sequel to Girl Behind Glass and follows Willow on her journey as she is hunted by the Guardians and attempting to find her father.

Girl Behind Glass is currently free, so if you haven’t read it yet, read on over to grab your copy now – and then grab your copy of Girl Beneath Stars – 

And I’d love it if you left a review!

GBS Release Poster

Girl Behind Glass – Book Trailer

I wanted to do a book trailer, but I had no idea how. I’ve never created a video before apart from little unedited clips uploaded from my phone, so I set about trying to figure out a way that I could accomplish what I wanted. At first I had visions of actors and scenes and voice-overs, but I realised that unless I enlisted the help of many other people and invested a fair bit of time and money into it, this was a pointless endeavor.

So I went back to basics and figured out what I could do with the limited skills I had.

I know how to draw things on the computer, (I was a graphic designer in a previous life,) so I’ve come up with this little clip. I hope you like it!